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You've probably heard that using a Trading Company to import and export will make you easier your International Trade.

And it's actually very useful… For example, in imports, when you want to buy in other country and you don't have a “Special Customs License” in Mexico.

But before you make your purchase order you have to stop and think about whether it's productive for you.

I explain you...

Imagine that you find abroad cheaper prices of clothing that you usually buy in Mexico, and as an added value the supplier sends it to some port of entry into the country for free.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

But we often forget to consider the “Operating Costs at Customs” and “Customs Agent Fees”, which depending on the value of the merchandise, can double or even quadruple the cost of your shipment.

This way, if your merchandise costs 300 USD you must add up to 600 USD, that contain: “Tax Amount”, “Customs Agent Fees” and “Customs Costs”, and this without counting the costs of delivery freight in Mexico.

Value: 300 USD + Custom Cost: 600 USD = Total: 900 USD.

Is the Trading Company useful? Of course, but not in all cases.

In Grupo Vision we can gladly do a quotation exercise so that you can check if it is productive for you.

Thanks for reading us.


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